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World of Warcraft

Just a little about games:

Iím a classic sword-and-sorcery RPG fan; give me a blade over a gun any day.

Iíve played Morrowind fairly extensively, also was in on World of Warcraft for a long time, but I have to say my all time favorite RPG is Return to Krondor.

Itís an often overlooked, always under appreciated RPG based on the novels by talented author Raymond E. Feist. His books are excellent, and if you approach the game as if youíre reading a book, itís excellent.

My all time favorite game period end of discussion is HardW[a]r, let me know if youíve ever heard of it. HardWar is a sort of flight simulator game set on the moon of Titan. You basically fly around in a little ship hauling cargo and shooting down other little shipsótheirs a lot more to it then that but theirs a basic synopsis. You really have to play the game to understand why it is so unbearably cool.

©2005 Rick Austinson