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Yup, apparently I fix computers.

The imaginatively named ďRick Austinson PC RepairĒ is my home computer repair businessómy home, not yours.

By working out of the house, I am basically available to receive or distribute computers 24 hours a day, instead of maintaining normal business hours like you might expect.

I fix every brand/model of computer and work on a pay-for-results system, E.G.: if I donít fix your problem, I donít charge you anything. My fee is $25 an hour with a 1 hour minimum. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Virus/spyware/malware removal
  • System tuning
  • Upgrades/repairs
  • Downgrades
  • Data recovery
  • Data destruction
  • New OS installation
  • Whatever else you happen to need

If anything needs to be replaced I charge cost of parts. Since I typically buy retail there is no margin. I do have emergency services if you absolutely need it done by tomorrow(for an extra fee, of course).

Additionally, I do custom PC builds. Not just high-end gaming machines, either(I do build those too, but not exclusively). Whatever you need, I can tailor a PC to your specific requirements. Donít know what you need? Donít worry, I do. Just describe what you do with the computer and Iíll put together a parts list.

How successful are you at data recovery? This is one of those areas that is highly specific to the problem at hand, but the short answer is: very. It really all depends on the exact nature of the problem. I have had very good luck in the past; I have many powerful tools at my disposal and plenty of experience.

Data destruction, whatís that? Letís say youíve just bought a new computer, you want to get rid of your old one, but maybe youíve got old emails, accounting information, what have you, stored on there that you want destroyed. I have powerful data destruction tools that can wipe that hard drive so clean not even the NSA can recover it.

Will you come to me? Short answer: no. But you donít want me to, and hereís why: A good portion of my work involves letting status bars slowly creep across the screen. A good, thorough virus scan, for example, might take 3 hours. If I come to you, then I have to sit there for those 3 hours and charge you for it. But if you bring the computer to me, I can just set the scan up and come back when its done. See, I only bill for the time I spend actively fixing your computer.

Give me a call, I can work miracles. 805.302.4737

"Daisy, Daisy...."
©2005 Rick Austinson