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Well if you really want to know...

Well, if youíre reading this, Iíll assume you actually want to know about me and start with the basics. Iím twenty years old, Iím about 5í11Ē and wear my hair long, and Iíve lived in California my whole life.

Iíd have to say Iím definitely a Californian, and not just because I happen to live here. I tan when Iím in the sun long enough (not that Iíve actually been outside in daylight recently) and I fear tornadoes and hurricanes over earthquakes.

I actually find it rather amusing when I visit other parts of the country and hear things like ďOh my gosh, you live in California; arenít you afraid of earthquakes?Ē the answer is no, Iím not. There have been two in my lifetime that were big enough to cause serious damage anywhere near me, otherwise the windows rattle every one or two years.

Enough about earthquakes, back to talking about me (thatís why youíre here isnít it?). I was born on December 17th, 1984, at Tarzan Regional Medical Center, in (you guessed it) Tarzan California. I donít actually live in Tarzan anymore, and currently reside in a sleepy little town called Camarillo. I do a lot of things; Iím a writer, gamer, computer nerd, graphic design student, teacher, anime Otaku, closet treckie, artist, and generally a nice guy.

Iíve been working for two years now as a computer technician at a private school. Itís a fairly simple job, most of what I do is basic trouble shooting and maintenance. I spend a lot of time installing software, changing ink cartridges, cleaning up spy ware, things like that. Things that would not be cost effective to employ a highly skilled IT Technician for (Read: I work cheap). Itís not a job that just anyone can do, it does take a wide knowledge of computers and desktop systems, as well as good trouble shooting skills. Itís really not that Iím Ďsmarter than everyone elseí, I just know how systems should operate, how to tell when they arenít operating properly, and what steps to take to restore proper operations.

I have taught a class now two years in a row as part as part of Creative Arts Workshop. Itís a local thing Iíve been a part of every year since I can remember. The class was nothing fancy, mostly a play games and have fun while learning a little about computers class, this year I have bigger plans (Read: Flash Mob).

If your still reading this I guess you want to know more about me than I thought, so . feel free to use the simple navigation buttons to your left to read about more specific aspects of me.

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