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If you are curious specifically about work I have written, I urge you to visit the page about my upcoming My Book, otherwise here are a few thoughts on writing.

I’m not an expert on writing, I’m not even a professional at it, at least I do know a few things about it.

Writing a good story is not complicated, as long as you know the story your trying to tell. What makes all the difference is description. The difference between a well-written and a Mediocre story is:

“He reached down and picked up the pencil off the table”

As opposed to:

“His hand extended towards the table, muscles tense. Every eye in the room watched him as his fingers touched the smooth, polished surface. His hand closed carefully around the rough cylindrical shape of the pencil.”

Now which one sounds better?

Its important to be descriptive, that’s how you take your reader into your world. Its all about knowing how to make your audience see what you want them to see.

Or at least that’s my take on the subject.

©2005 Rick Austinson