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Recomended Reading

Recomended Reading:

Itís not my place to tell you what to read.

Iím not actually going to let that stop me.

Firstly, I have to recommend that everyone at some point in their life read or at least listen to on tape the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy. Watching the movies isnít good enough.

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

And basically anything else by J.R.R Tolken

Secondly, after youíve read those(or before), I definitely recommend the Sword of Truth series by Terry Gookind:

Wizards First Rule

Stone of Tears

Blood of the Fold

Temple of the Winds

Soul of the Fire

Faith of the Fallen

The Pillars of Creation

Naked Empire


Terry Goodkind is an excellent author, but theirs another Terry you should be aware of: Terry Prachett. I would not hesitate to point you in the direction of anything by Terry Pratchett, heís got a particular sense of humor that I only wish I could match:

The Color of Magic

The Light Fantastic

Equal Rites

Small Gods


Wurd Sisters

Lords and Ladies

Men At Arms

Soul Music

Feet of Clay

Interesting Times





Guards! Guards!


Moving Pictures


The Last Continent

Carpe Jugulum

The Fifth Elephant

The Truth

Thief of Time

Reaper Man

Witches Abroad

And anything else not on this list.

Reading is just important, I canít stress that enough. Iíve listed a few of my favorite authors and titles here, but the most important part is that we continue reading. Thatís really what I recommend above all: read.

I am also in the process of writing a book that will be released sometime within the next few months.

The Path to Ascension is it, you will find all kinds of information here.

Thank you for visiting!

©2005 Rick Austinson