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Someone pointed out to me recently that my web page does not list what type of music I listen to. This struck that person as odd, because apparently this is a question that a lot of you foolish mortals wonder about.

The fact of the matter is, I can’t think of a shallower question then “What type of music do you listen to?” If this is the kind of thing you need to know to relate to someone, then you sir had best move along.

Truth be told, I don’t actually listen to very much, if any music. My modest collection of MP3’s spans less than a gig of my 1.4 TB storage array, and includes as wide and eclectic a taste as you’ve ever seen. I won’t take the time to list any of the artists/bands included because lets face it, the only person I have more than 3 songs by is Ayuma Hamasakei, and that’s just because she’s a cute J-Pop singer.

I am actually an extremely visual person, and prefer and audio-visual or strictly visual form of entertainment over music. I have a TV hooked up to one of my computers, and more video stockpiled then you’d believe.

My multimedia library spans two 300 gig hard drives and a 160 gig drive, and if I had to wager a guess I would say there is over 400 gigabytes of data stockpiled.

You’ve seen my workstation; you know how many computers there are. Would you be surprised to know that that many machines generates enough EM (Electro-Magnetic) interference to effectively neutralize a cable signal? I have cable TV and Cable Internet in my room. Web works fine, TV does not.

So I hit on an ingénues solution: go-go P2P connection, download all the TV shows I want. Thanks to such online link sights, I don’t often miss my cable TV.

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s horribly illegal!” But you’re wrong. You see, according to national copyright laws, videotaping TV shows is legal. Recording them on your computer is also legal, and sharing those recordings with others is allowed. As long as no money changes hands, there is no violation of copyright laws. And since I would never click on one of those ‘Donate’ buttons, I think I’m fairly safe.

What do I watch?

Well this whole thing started out when the sci-fi channel stopped showing Stargate at a time that was convenient for me, so I started with that. For a number of weeks that was all I watched: Stargate, Stargate, Stargate. I had them all; SG1, Atlantis, even the ill-fated Stargate Infinity (lame show, really cool theme song). Then I can’t remember where I went from there; other sci-fi shows I think. And Macgyver.

Lately I seem to be collecting shows with ‘star’ in the name. Star Trek, Stargate, Starhunter, etc. I’ve got more different sci-fi shows then you can imagine, but to name a few: Star Trek [fill in the blank], Stagate, Firefly, Andromeda, Seven Days, and many more. If you’d like to recommend any other shows, feel free to contact me.

©2005 Rick Austinson