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"Helpful" links

In addition to various helpful sights I recommend, I would like to use this area to pay tribute to the web sights and resources of various friends and family members. Do take a look at some of these pages, they wouldnít be here if I didnít highly recommend them.

Anything with zombies earns a special place in my heart, but this page in particular deserves recognition, as it belongs to a good friend of mine. As a Paladin, I am sworn to battle the undead, but rule one of warfare: know thy enemy. Check it out, itís got zombies!

P.S. Hereís his web comic, itís a little under-drawn, but the humor is there.


This is my Uncle Tonyís website, he got Austinson.com before I did. He has some very interesting web cams running through his sight, from his hometown and a handful of other places. Iíd check it out.

Here you will find some semi-none helpful ultimately useless links. I know what youíre thinking; everyone puts links on their sights. Well yeah, but I am at least not deluding you into thinking these links are actually important.

BEOWULF -Because you know Beowulf was the original epic hero.

Rick Austinson -Becuase where would we be if more web pages didn't link back to themselves?

NewEgg's Computer Hardware section -because you all know newgg's mainpage is slow and stupid.

Dictionary.Com For a cheap online dictionary; so cheap in fact it's free!

The 216 Browser Safe Colors for some reason.

Downloadable HTML Tutorial Also from Primeshop.

US sensus informationThis is just a quick reference.

Ebay. Don't ask.

Also this is where I keep a few handy things, like the link repositories I maintain for my students at work. Here are a few:

Native Americans | Lewis and Clark! | Eskimos! | Energy and Rocket Science | Invertebrates | A few State links | Plymouth Colony and the pilgrims

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