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The Path to Ascension

The Wings of a Dragon

Through the Night


Wildfire Emerges

Ulysses Last Stand

The Sun Also Rises


The Truth, Finally Revealed

Cloud's Last Run

Last Stand; Tora, Tora, Tora

The Slayer Dragons

Return of the Dragon

The Dark Lord Nimi

The Reunion of the Eighth Power


The Red Tiger

The New Recruit

The path to Ascension



You have reached the main page for The path to Ascension, my upcoming book of short stories.

This book contains a collection of short stories written over the course of six years. It only took six years because I was in no hurry, and this body of work only represents a fraction of what I’ve written. These are just all the finished short stories I have.

When I first sat down and started organizing this book, I formatted it according to the publishers specifications, and my first thought was “Wow!” as was my second, third, and fourth. After that I got down to forming more coherent thoughts, and I said “Wow, I didn’t know it was this easy to write a 684 page book!” then I started editing it… It is said that great books are not written, they are re-written. This, I have found, I very true. I’ve spent a lot of time re-writing this book, and I believe the final form will be pretty good.

Here you’ll be able to read the first few pages of every story as they stand now. I’m still working on proof reading and re-writing it, so take your time, and I hope you enjoy the final version!

Note: if you would like to see a higher resolution picture of the cover, Email me and i will be happy to provide.

©2005 Rick Austinson