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Scions of the Storm

Scions of the Storm is actually the sequel to Galloping Antelope. Unlike itís predecessor, Scions of the Storm is significantly darker. The main character has grown up, and so has the story.

Galloping Antelope ended with the beginning of a massive war, between Ninjas, Pirates, Utopians, and the now emboldened Red Fleet. Seven years have passed since that day, and Ryo is now twenty-one, and captain of her own ship, the Storm.

But being a twenty-one year old captain in the Red Fleet isnít easy, and Ryo has her share of mistakes. More still, she wants to bring an end to the terrifying war and years of bloodshed. This is the blurb that will eventually appear on the back cover:

Seven years after one brave crew changed the face of the world on a ship called Antelope, Ryo Sansen is back to do it again.
No longer a child searching for acceptance, she has become the Scion of the Storm, feared captain from the mysterious Red Fleet.
But things are different now. The world has gone to war, and it is slowly escalating towards a massive conflict. The balance of power is shifting, and there is more than just change in the wind.
Now Ryoís indomitable will must once again be put to the test, as she travels the world in search of answers, flying ships, and pirates.
This is one thing about war: someone always wins, someone always looses, and nothing is ever the same again.
Scions of the Storm, the continuation of Galloping Antelope.

©2005 Rick Austinson