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The Road to War

And the Path continues

The Road to War is slated to be the continuation of the Path to Ascension. Not so much where it left off, as what it left out. You may spot numerous holes and references in the Path to Ascension, these are all adventures and stories in and of themselves, and many of them appear in the Road to War.

Think of it as a kind of jigsaw puzzle; each book contains a part of the story. In the Path to Ascension, we see a lot of what goes on at the Victory Research Facility. In the Road to War, we find out what the facility was constructed for in the first place.

The Road to War is still a work in progress, though so far all of the stories I plan to place in it are at least in first draft mode. The titles include but may not be limited to:

The Eyes of the Dragon

The Knight

Tail of a Gun

First Stand

Attack and Defend

Tsubasa Kyoku

Flight of the Takahe

Against the Wind

Hammer of Judgment, Day of Death

Masks of Commitment

Flash Point

Point of the Spear


Falling Dragon

The Cult of Wildfire

The Turning Point

The Road to War

In keeping with the flow, the last and arguably most important story of the book shares itís title, The Road to War.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email, I am quite happy to share.

©2005 Rick Austinson