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The Furthest Star

The Furthest Star takes a diversion from the stylings of my other works. While the story does focus around Hunter Jusenkyou and his team, this collection of short stories is exclusively limited to the events of the Saratoga’s first deep-space survey mission.

The mission details are outlined in Against the Wind, one of the short stories from The Road to War. Essentially, Hunter is to command the Saratoga on a two-year mission into the scarcely charted and largely unexplored patch of space known as the Remus Star Cluster. Along the way, they meet new friends, ‘acquire’ new technology, and run afoul of some very nasty people.

Short stories slated for The Furthest Star include:

The Furthest Star

New Ground





Of note is one specific way in which this particular book will link back to The Path to Ascension. In The Sun Also Rises Hunter gives the command to “Deploy Armor”, something which at the time is never fully explained. The ‘Armor’ he is referring to is the Bladeth armor the Saratoga obtains from a race called the Satyarans in Part I of the Remus Star Cluster.

©2005 Rick Austinson