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The original Drifters story was slated to be part of The Path to Ascension, but was taken out shortly before the book was to go to print for a variety of reasons.

Namely, the story just didnít fit, and the people Iíd shown the book to told me as much. Drifters has, at first glance, absolutely nothing to do with the rest of The Path to Ascension, and it shows. More confusing, the main character shares a name with one of the main characters from The Path to Ascension. While the two characters are entirely unrelated, it kind of throws the reader for a loop.

But most important of all, taking Drifters out kept the page count for The Path to Ascension down bellow 700, the maximum the publisher would allow.

Since I had already complete two sequels to Drifters, the decision was reached to re-vamp the story for assembly in itís own book, which will bare the title of the original story.

I havenít yet reached any concrete decisions, but thus far the new book will contain the original Drifters, as well as Drifters 2: the Cost of Freedom. Other stories may be added in later, pending completion what not, but so far Iím liking those two.

©2005 Rick Austinson