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Anime, or Japanese Animation (if you call it Japanime or Japanimation within earshot, I will hunt you down and slit your throat) I like anime, who doesn’t?

Well a lot of people.

But, I will assume that since you’ve clicked this link you either share in my appreciation of Anime, or are just curious.
My favorite Anime is Slayers, you may or may not have heard of it. Slayers is a show about a young sorceress named Lina Inverse (no relation to Lina Rowen) who wanders around killing bandits and spooking dragons and generally having a great time. Aside from the symphony of explosions that follow her every move, I like Lina because I identify with her. She’s very intelligent, and seems to be constantly surrounded by morons. She deals with this by throwing fireballs at people.

What could be more simplistic than that? “You annoy me,” FOOOSH!!!

Yes, fooosh is a real word, honest.

I am also a particular fan of Lina because her solution to any big problem is usually an even bigger explosion. “Hmm, that huge monster’s about to destroy the town, I’ll just hit it with my super powerful sure-kill attack and take the entire city out with it. Perfect, two birds with one stone!”

After Slayers comes any and all things Gundam, get in line. Any member of the male gender who does not think giant robots are cool is in denial. Let’s be honest guys, fifty foot mechs are just freaking awesome!

That’s not to say girls can’t like giant robots. In fact if you are a girl, and you do like giant robots; please let me know, I’m making a list. Let’s face it, giants robots are cool.

I like Gundam, it makes a lot of really great statements about the futility of war. Also someone shouts ‘It’s a Gundam!’ in just about every episode. One thing I noticed that some of you folks might not have picked up on: in the original Mobile Suit Gundam there was a space fortress called Solomon. When General Gato retreated, he said ‘Solomon, I shall return!’. Later, in the series Stardust Memories (Gundam 0083) Gato goes back to the ruins of Solomon with a nuke and says ‘Solomon, I have returned!’

Significance? When General McArthur left the US Naval base at the Solomon Islands in the pacific, he said ‘I shall return!’ and when he came back later, do you know what he said? ‘I have returned!’ The interesting thing to note is that from the perspective of the Mobile Suit Gundam series General Gato was the bad guy.

Now that that meaningful little peace of trivia is out of the way, I’ve been meaning to post these online for some time now. You all remember the Hamster Dance web sight? Well say hello to Gundam Dance:

©2005 Rick Austinson